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Planet Earth Studio
Marie Chatard, Photography
Alltona Soundsupport, Event Sound
Luisa Catucci, artist-curator
Bitwig, Music software
Studio Erde
Geoffrey Vasseur Culture Management
Marc Hernandez, artist
Bert Olke, Production, mastering
Cell63, ArtGallery
Nicorus, Techno Producer/DJ
Dubsalive, US dub Label
Skanky Yard, Dub Label,Sound system and Promoter
K-the-i, Rythm And Poetry
David Scribbles, Rythm And Poetry
Claudio Jolowicz, Saxophone, Composer, Arranger
Geofroy De Masure, Trombone
Sean “Giotto” McGuiness, DJ, Drummer
Orwo-Haus, Rehearsal Rooms, Festival…
Das Simple, Grindcore-jazz
Lutheria d’Insieme, Guitar Maker