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Planet Earth Studio
Marie Chatard, Photography
Alltona Soundsupport, Event Sound
Luisa Catucci, artist-curator
Bitwig, Music software
Studio Erde
Geoffrey Vasseur Culture Management
Marc Hernandez, artist
Bert Olke, Production, mastering
Cell63, ArtGallery
Nicorus, Techno Producer/DJ
Dubsalive, US dub Label
Skanky Yard, Dub Label,Sound system and Promoter
K-the-i, Rythm And Poetry
David Scribbles, Rythm And Poetry
Claudio Jolowicz, Saxophone, Composer, Arranger
Geofroy De Masure, Trombone
Merlin Ettore, Drums, Production, Video
Sean “Giotto” McGuiness, DJ, Drummer
Nicolas Delorme, Comedian, Saxophonist
Sven Meinild, Saxophone, illustration
Wynton Kelly Stevenson, Legend
Dana Shanti, Singer
Project Object, Zappa Cover Band
Orwo-Haus, Rehearsal Rooms, Festival…
Michele Guidarini, One Sick Boy…
Giulya Noesis, Prophet
Christiania Jazzclub
Das Simple, Grindcore-jazz

…and those I forgot…