Mathieu Pé is a Multi-instrumentalist, Music Producer and Teacher. Based in Berlin Germany, he was Born and Raised near Marseille France.
His wide-ranging instrumental skills and extensive knowledge of many Musical Styles and Traditions enabled him to work with many Artists in various different styles.
While often referred to as a Trumpet Player, Mathieu Pé is equally at home on guitar, Keyboards and electronics. Ideal in more adventurous cross-over electro Projects (Jazzsteppa, Braintheft), his particular set of skills made him a go-to Studio and live Musician, notably in the German Reggae Scene (Gentleman, Jahcoustix, Nosliw, The Magic Touch…).
Beside performing on Stage and in the Studio, Mathieu Pé is also a music educator. After he graduated in Musicology, he has been teaching Trumpet, guitar, Keyboards, Music Theory, Ear training, Improvisation, Sound Design, Ableton Live and Bitwig Studio in different music schools and workshop facilities since 2007.

Gentleman, Kaizers Orchestra, Marcia Griffith, Cornell Campbell, Martin Jondo, Sebastian Sturm, Daddy Rings, Treesha, The Melodians, Bitty McLean, The Cables, Jahcoustix, Prince Alla, Jaqee, Norman Vladimir, The Magic Touch, Jackie Mendez, Nosliw, Earl Sixteen, Roy Ellis, Winston Francis, Christopher Ellis, Luckie D., Aly Keita, The Unlimiters, Jazzsteppa, Dub with a Difference, Berlin Boom Orchestra, Braintheft, Brass Wood & Wires, Aldubb, Saralene,, Wood in di Fya, [trap.], Tom Klee Big Band, Berlin Big Band, Naomi Jean´s Alice Orchestra, La Force Molle, Kaosmoz, Merlin Ettore